if i weren't a renter...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

navy + pink
let's throw in that chair while we're at it...
peonies, please!

Let's be honest, there is no end in sight for my rental days. Which is fine, except if you want to wallpaper something...I know, temporary adhesive wallpaper is a thing that exists, but they don't have these patterns that I'm lusting over. I mean, the dogs?? Enough said.

I'm especially smitten with Caitlin Wilson's newest collection. I've admired her fabrics and decor before (here and here), and the wallpaper is no exception. Someday I'll have a place that I can fill with permanent wallpaper and bold, painted walls, but until then I'll just add these to my Pinterest.

City Guide | New York: Jack's Wife Freda

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Now that I've been in NYC for a few months, I've had the chance to explore some amazing restaurants. There are almost too many to choose from, but since brunch is one of the most important meals I'll talk about that.

Enter Jack's Wife Freda. This might be one of the cutest and yummiest places I've ever been to. The food is just as amazing as the ambiance. The interior is simple and light, with marble tables (they get me...) and simple decor. The food is American with a Mediterranean twist. Oh and did I mention, it's delicious? Overall, it is a fantastic dining experience and I highly recommend you make it your next NYC brunch stop (or any meal, really). Also, trust me...get the watermelon juice if it's in season.

P.S. As with any amazing brunch spot, there can be a wait, but stop by the bar and grab an iced coffee to tide you over, they have some of the best!

It's Been Waiting for Me

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I've been dreaming of writing this post for a very long time. It's been quiet around It's Kate Baldwin lately, I know, but big things are happening. After 3 and a half years in Chicago, I decided it was time to make the move to New York! It was bittersweet to leave the great life and friends that I had there, but I know I have some amazing times ahead of me and that the best is yet to come.

Stay tuned for more posts and updates...

image via pinterest

buddy editions

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm always on the hunt for new art sources...enter Buddy Editions, an online art gallery from Matchbook Magazine's Katie Armour. Katie has the most amazing style, and if you're familiar with Matchbook Mag, her blog, or her Pinterest, you know that she has impeccable taste.

With new art added weekly, a great mix of photography, illustrations and paintings, and a great price point with pieces starting at just $50, this is a fantastic one stop shop. I think I may just have to add something to my gallery wall!

holiday spirit kate spade style

Friday, November 14, 2014

In what may be the cutest Christmas video ever, Kate Spade provides some seriously genius marketing and Xmas spirit. Not only am I now 100% positive that I want Anna Kendrick to be my BFF, but I want to deck the halls in Kate Spade. 

Here are my faves from the video:

angelique heel
oh joy santa hat
snow leopard faux fur peacoat
cedar street mini maise
Other than the overall adorable factor and a cameo by Iris Apfel, the best part is that it's interactive. Clicking on an item during the video saves it for reference so you can shop when the video is done. Clever, yet dangerous. 

Check it out:

note to self

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm always searching for the perfect art or print to add to my gallery wall. Enter Note to Self! Not only is Note to Self a really adorable blog, the author, Sarah, has a fantastic print shop to go with it. Whether you're looking for some quirky words of inspiration, a favorite fashion, or hometown pride, Note to Self has it. Any of these would make a perfect addition to my gallery wall (and they start at just $16!!).

J.Crew New Arrivals: Navy + Burgundy

Thursday, August 21, 2014

new arrivals
shirt | sweater | cuff no.1 | cuff no.2 | ring
perfume | flats | purse | scarf

J. Crew new arrivals are here, and as usual, I'm loving them. I know I was raving about Navy + Camel last week, but Navy + Burgundy is just as great. I'm also itching to try out their new fragrances!

image via polyvore
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