Jet Setting: Travel Essentials

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

With a trip to Boston this weekend and to Florida the next, I've got travel on my mind. Since I get a little obsessive about organization, I like to have all of my travel goodies neatly compartmentalized. I can't live without my Truffle pouches: the petite is TSA-approved (and also my everyday purse companion) and the classic holds everything else in my checked bag. I'll take about 5 more for all my other accessories, please! Now that I've found these adorable travel bags, they'll have to come on my next trip too...totallyyy necessary. Also on the necessities list: a bright travel charger, some travel-sized supplies, and a genius emergency kit, in case I need something random in a pinch!

Bon voyage!

image via pinterest & created with polyvore

1 comment:

  1. Can we talk about how perfect the color scheme is on that bag? Kate Spade does no wrong!


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