glass + gold

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lately I've been drawn to the simplicity of a gold accent. I feel like I say I'm obsessed with things a little too often...but I'm obsessed with a glass and gold (or brass) shelf, table, etc. I'm dying to try this Ikea hack, to crate my own etagere for a fraction of the cost! Also lusting after this gold flatware...

Here are some of my favorite gold accents:

P.S. Here is a Target version of the quatrefoil mirror, it's a steal!

Have a great weekend!!

images via little green notebook, instagramcamille styles and created with polyvore


  1. TOTALLY with you on these...I've been eyeing that Ikea hack, too. Sadly don't think I have space for it, but you'll have to share it if you end up doing it!

  2. Gold accessories always get me. Might have to spring for that Target steal you mentioned! Nice blog.

    - Steph


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