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Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you're not reading Matchbook Magazine, drop what you're doing and go read It's an online lifestyle magazine that features adorable content on everything from traveling and fashion to careers and memoirs. It's my "field guide to a charmed life" that has swoon-worthy content each and every month.

I usually devour each issue as soon as it hits my inbox, so thankfully the ladies at Matchbook keep me entertained between issues with amazing blog posts and supplemental content. There's a boutique where you can shop the products featured in each issue by story or even by color. There are also some adorable checklists for Matchbook Girl essentials.

P.S. The founders, Katie Armour and Jane Lilly Warren, have fantastic blogs, The Neo-Traditionalist and Lox Papers. I'm usually stalking their Instagram accounts (here and here) for some behind the scenes action! Obsessed.

images via Matchbook Magazine

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