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Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling, I've come up with 101 things that I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. This cross between a to-do list and a bucket list should be a really fun way to achieve some of my goals, big and small, within the next 1001 days, or 2.75 years. Wish me luck!

Start Date: March 1, 2014

End Date: November 26, 2016

1. Come up with 101 things (March 2014)
2. Inspire someone else to make their own 101 in 1001 list
3. Save $10 for each of these accomplished tasks (18/101)

Blog (4/16):

4. Start a blog (March 2014)
5. Invest in my blog (March 2014, template and domain)
6. Buy business cards for the blog (April 2014)
7. Reach 500 blog followers
8. Add “pin it” hover feature to my blog pictures (March 2014)
9. Connect with fellow bloggers
10. Get photoshop
11. Learn photoshop
12. Achieve a blogging related success
13. Develop blog post themes and stick to them for the most part
14. Write or host a guest post
15. Take a professional photo for my blog
16. Design a blog logo
17. Write a blog post at least once a week for a year (/52)
18. Collaborate with a favorite brand
19. Do an outfit post

Career (3/4):

20. Get a raise (July 2014)
21. Get a promotion or a new position at work (July 2014)
22. Volunteer for something out of my comfort zone at work (New business pitch, March 2014)
23. Build a new business relationship

Décor & Apartment (3/11):

24. Expand my coffee table book collection by 15 books
25. Buy and frame a piece of original art
26. Buy and style a bar cart
27. Clean out and reorganize my closet (April 2014)
28. Buy a new piece of furniture (Couch, July 2014)
29. Go antiquing or thrifting
30. Complete my Serena & Lily bedding collection
31. Keep fresh flowers in my apartment for a straight month
32. Expand my gallery wall
33. Clean out and organize my bathroom (June 2014)
34. Refurbish a piece of furniture or try an Ikea hack

Shopping & Fashion (0/3):

35. Buy an investment bag
36. Get a new piece of investment jewelry
37. Purchase an investment piece

City & Travel (2/17):

38. Dine in 15 new restaurants (8/15 - Tortoise Club, Cafe Ba-ba-reeba, Range, Big Star Taco, Homeslice, Wakamono, Uncommon Ground, Dry Hop Brewery)
39. Visit a new city
40. Visit 2 new museums in Chicago
41. Go to 10 concerts (3/10 - Ingrid Michaelson, April 2014; Beyonce + Jay Z, July 2014; Katy Perry, August 2014)
42. Have a picnic
43. Travel to a new country
44. Visit California
45. Dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean
46. See 3 new musicals/plays (1/3 - Brigadoon, August 2014)
47. Get pampered at Dry Bar
48. Use Divvy bikes in Chicago (April 2014)
49. Do a staycation
50. Get back to New York City
51. Go to a festival/street fair (June 2014)
52. Travel south of the US
53. Try 3 food trucks
54. Visit a new continent

Just for fun (5/42):

55. Read at least one book every month (March '14: Divergent, April '14: One More Thing, May'14: The Goldfinch, June'14: The Silkworm)
56. Instead of watching TV before bed, read a book at least 5 nights in a row
57. Get a real camera
58. Save at least $25 each month (/33)
59. No shopping for one month (March 2014) 
60. No take-out for one month
61. No soda for a month
62. Take a class for fun (photography, cooking, etc)
63. Treat each of my sisters to a day of activities, on me
64. Frame my diploma and tassel
65. Go wine tasting
66. Learn something new
67. Don’t transfer money out of savings once I put it in for 6 months
68. Buy my parents a gift
69. Unplug for 24 hours (eeeeek!)
70. Be vegetarian for a month
71. No Starbucks for a month
72. Donate to charity
73. Donate to Denison (June 2014)
74. Get my own apartment (June 2014)
75. Get a dog
76. See the sunrise
77. Reward myself for a major accomplishment
78. Visit a friend in a different city (A.J., Boston, March 2013)
79. Attend a polo match or a horse race
80. Buy 10 real books rather than e-books (One More Thing, Girls in White Dresses, Serena)
81. Make an effort to stay connected to old friends, not on social media
82. Say yes to 5 things I normally would say no to
83. Clean out my email/unsubscribe from junk
84. Take a risk
85. Read 5 non-fiction books
86. Have a home office
87. Buy a lottery ticket
88. Wake up without snooze for a week
89. Inspire someone
90. Play hooky (August 2014)
91. Throw a fancy dinner party
92. Wake up before I need to during the week for two weeks
93. Buy 5 “just because” gifts for friends or family
94. Go apple or pumpkin picking
95. Surprise a friend
96. Do something with Kappa Alpha Theta alumni

Health & Fitness (0/5):

97. Work out 5 days in a row
98. Eat clean/no carb for 2 weeks straight (no cheating)
99. Try a new fitness class
100. Go hiking
101. Try a juice cleanse

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